Saturday, November 1, 2008

think i'm getting the hang of it

so i'm going to practice what i preach and do a post class reflection. i decided to do it right after the class because frankly i think it's best to do it while still in the moment, with everything fresh in my memory, but also because if i dont now chances are i wont get to it again for days.

i look forward to reading how my students responded to today's class but i know for me it definitely felt better. i felt less anxious about whether i was reaching my audience and trusted that they would let me know if there was a problem. my sense was that the technology was working well for everyone, no sound glitches that i know of and none seemed to be having trouble seeing my screen or following me.

having said that, it is odd to be the only one speaking out loud - you feel like you're just talking into dead air. it's very helpful when participants provide input just to let you know that they're ok or understanding clearly. you just have to trust that everyone is paying attention and staying on task. it's also frustrating when individuals are having problems and you cant just help them out as easily as you would be able to face-to-face. i'm sure it's not any easier being the one who is having trouble either - it must be difficult.

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