Saturday, November 22, 2008

some post class thoughts...

two posts in one day -- i'm amazing even myself :0)

so i thought that today's online session went well even though at one point i think i inadvertently kicked myself out of the webconferencing system. funny, this time i was annoyed whereas early on in the course i panicked when i lost my connection. i'm really looking forward to seeing what my students say - hopefully they'll talk to how the class went for them. we saw lots of interesting things and i was able to use Jing to demonstrate creating a screen capture on how to add delicious bookmarlets into one's browser toolbar. then i uploaded the screen capture to it all worked except that i just realized in reviewing the class session archive that my students couldnt hear the sound in my screen capture. i noticed the same thing a few weeks back when Jennifer was sharing a video that she uploaded to her blog - i could hear it but the others couldnt. i suspect it might be related to my headset but that's something i need to look into for the future.

aside from that the technology worked well today. of course my students didnt see my hour of frustration yesterday when i learned that i couldn't upload my screen captures onto my blog or googlesite - Jing saves them as .swf files which arent compatible - but i eventually did figure out that the the screencast option works well. i was also happy about our visit into second life. i'm still clumbsy in there but we visited a few different places and got to talk with a couple of people inworld.

i still have a lot to learn about using webconferencing and there are a couple of things that bug me - like losing the sound on the screencast or uploaded videos, or having trouble seeing my attendee list and chat postings when i'm showing the students different applications. but i'm pretty sure that this issues are due to my inexperience and not the technology. i'm still learning and what i'm discovering particularly with the web conferencing is that first i have familiarize myself with what all its affordances are, but then i need to bring people in there with me to learn from them how they are experiencing things. i'm really hoping that my students will help on this last piece.

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