Saturday, November 22, 2008

a sense of something evolving

this has been an exciting week for me on the technology front. i feel as if i have been transitioning into a new level over the last few months. my tech course has certainly helped as it has made me spend more time playing and thinking about web 2.0 for my classes. but it truly is interesting how after a while things dont seem as intimidating or overwhelming. i am starting to sense a shift in my self concept about my facility with these tools. it's hard to explain but all i can say is that i think it is directly related to the increased time i have been spending exploring, nosing around and searching what's out there and what people are up to. and i have to say i'm truly jazzed by what i've been discovering. using igoogle to help organize this has also been very helpful. for example, i've starting using my google reader [rss] to bring in sites and networks that are related to my interests in technology and education. there are lots of people doing some cool stuff out there!

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