Monday, October 27, 2008

this thing called blogging...

so i too need to learn how to be a good blogger and post regularly. i am reminded of when i kept a journal as a youth. there was a period between about grade 9 - 12 that i wrote in my journal religiously. i still have them and get a real kick out of reading them. at the time my journal was an important part of my life, it gave me a place to sort out some of the things that were going on - all those ups and downs teens go through, so many questions i had. then my writing dropped off and i picked it up again sporadically in my twenties. as an academic i've found keeping a notebook - more like a semi diary/ideas/catch-all - can be a nice way for bringing together the different elements of my life. i dont seem to write the personal, emotionally-laden stuff any more but more creative ideas or plans for things i'd like to achieve. thing is i find that if i dont drag my book around all over then i end up writing things on bits of paper that get lost...keeping organized is always the challenge isn't it?

so i guess i'm wondering if this blog thing is just another place that gets started and never finished or if the idea is that it never does get finished, but rather just keeps on going, and going...a stream of consciousness that evolves over time.

on a more practice-related note, i do see the value of this tool for teaching, especially getting students to develop their reading, writing, and practice some reflection/critical thinking, etc. i dont suppose it would hurt for me to develop these same skills as i digest and reflect on my own experiences trying to help my teachers & professionals integrate technology. for that reason i feel inclined to persist with this.

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