Thursday, September 12, 2013

Trends in Mobile Device Acquisition 1975-2011

We've all heard about the massive proliferation of mobile devices, the worldwide increase in the purchase of cellular phone. This image [does not include all mobile platforms] shows units of devices shipped from 1975-2011 and provide an interesting window on trends in the marketplace.

PCs on the downfall:
  • iPad can no longer be considered a niched- volume of sales in its first 2 years places it within an order of magnitude of all PCs sold.
  • iPhone, Android, iPad as the new entrants into personal computing have a combined volume that is higher that PCs sold in the same period [approx. 358 million vs. 336 million excluding Macs in 2011]
Three Phases or Eras
1975-1991: Emergence & rapid growth but also multiple standards and experiments
1991-2007: Microsoft Dominates
2008 - 2012: iPhone & Derivatives Dominate

So what are the Implications for eLearning? Think Mobile First... 
"The Zeitgeist has shifted. Few of us lust after a sleek laptop anymore, and desktops are impossibly location-based (even if cheap and powerful): the mobile wave has broken all around us.
In response, Srinivasan advocates for a mobile-first approach to sites and web-app design. Srinivasan’s version of mobile-first means, simply, thinking first of how your product will work on a touchscreen device. If the product is designed right, laptop and desktop compatibility will come along “for free.”" 

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