Thursday, September 12, 2013

eLearning in the Age of Choice

Ed Week Webinar 8/28/2012
Presenters: Sue Winkler Davis SD, Utah & Cleon Franklin Memphis City Schools

Two case scenarios are presented as examples of how districts are developing online courses to both meet State requirements for HS students to have an online course experience, as well as meet the needs of students.

Highlights from Davis SD
- Clients include homeschoolers, credit acceleration, credit recovery, blended learning
- Created own content with district teachers vs. using outside providers
- Developed consortium with 6 other districts based on common LMS and joint agreement to share resources
- Year round course offerings

Highlights from Memphis City Schools
- Grades 6-12 plus adults
- Full time enrollment or in addition to regular F2F course load
- Access to full range of mobile devices [37% have computer/internet access whereas 63% have access to mobile devices]
- Offer extensive after school program with access to computer labs for students
- Developed partnerships – libraries, virtual labs, etc – to help ensure access for all students
- Offer HS credit program for incarcerated inmates

Dealing with Accountability Issues
- Plagiarism checkers; HandItIn.Com, Proctored on site exams
- Mandatory Intro to OL Learning course provides overview of expectations, how to learn effectively online, research guidelines, etc.
- Harsh penalties for bullying

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